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Colored Jugs

About Colored Jugs

Our jugs are nothing but durable containers and accessories with one incredible important mission in mind: Prevention

We believe that a clean, safe facility begins with the most basic elements, such as containers that hold potentially dangerous chemicals and regularly move around your facility. What’s inside? What’s on the bottom? Whose glove touched the handle? Every detail is critically important. In fact, if these always-present containers are not categorized, there is no confidence that the larger equipment and production will be sanitary. And that is unacceptable. Therefore, we developed a proprietary process for keeping chemicals separate and containers organized in order to prevent contamination on a larger scale. We color-coded our containers.

This seemingly simple solution has had enormous impact. Contamination is significantly reduced in all facilities that use our colored containers. Language barriers are no longer a threat because employees don’t need to speak the same language in order to understand things like, “the red jug” can’t go in the RAW areas of the facility.

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